Innovation does not happen in a vacuum
Curiosity Group empowers your teams to innovate together.
Work with us, and create new purpose with new propositions.
Get on a path of sustainable growth..
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For your customers, for your company, for you

Innovation Acceleration

Innovation is more than a cool idea, and you don't have to be a fancy startup to become innovative. Our proven approach is pragmatic and focuses on "getting innovation done".

Design Strategy

Your company wants to make design & user experience a more prominent value, to your customers and stakeholders. Together we'll do it.


At the core of Curiosity Group is our liberating, inspiring way of solving problems. The way designers do.


Today's marketing has shifted from "four P's" to "four C's". We define Consumer, Cost, Convenience and Communication for your portfolio so you build loyalty and greater sales.


Even a workshop of just half a day is an energizing, rewarding experience for your marketing organization, your leadership team, or the entire company. Inspiration guaranteed!

Executive Development

They say "it's lonely at the top". We say: a 4-days, immersive development track toegether with two other CxO's will be among the most memorable experiences in your professional life. Join us on the sailing Yacht Curiosity.

Always look beyond the horizon
See the opportunity.

The big four are good, but often we are more in place

All about you

We work on your success, and empower your innovation competence. We make your company more successful.

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Super efficient

With Consulting WP you’ll get no re-quotes, no dealer intervention and fair order execution.

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Super engaged

You'll find us in your office where we roll up our sleeves. We work with your people, and make them a stronger, competent team.

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